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Affordable Costs in a State that Loves Business

Taylor is an affordable location in a state that proactively seeks economic development.

City of Taylor and Williamson County Tax Rates
Tax Percent
State Sales and Use Tax 6.25%
Local Sales and Use Tax 2.00%
Total Sales and Use Tax 8.25%
Property Tax, City of Taylor (per $100) 0.813893
Property Tax, Taylor ISD (per $100) 1.4700
Property Tax, Williamson County (per $100) 0.459999
FM/RD, Williamson County (per $100) 0.030000
Property Tax - Total 2.773892

Texas Loves Business

Texas is one of only six states in the U.S. that does not levy a state income tax. In recent years Texas has recruited more jobs and investment to our state than any other state in the nation. That speaks loud and clear about our attitude toward business.

The Texas Comptroller's website, Window on State Government, provides detailed information about state business taxes.


Texas offers powerful incentives to qualified companies. Our two newest, the Texas Enterprise Fund and Emerging Technologies Fund, combine to offer more than $495 million to allow us to bring new research and development, employers and jobs into the state. The Taylor EDC can advise you on whether your project may qualify.

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